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This is a technique for mixing two images together, where the colour (green) is removed from the foreground, revealing another image behind it.  It allows us to film people in one location, and put any background we want behind them.


This is a generic term used to describe a small crane with a hydraulic lifting system that a camera can be placed on.  Using such a device adds an extra level of interest to any shot as the camera can move in three dimensions.



This describes the process of acquiring the footage that will be used to make the film.  Present on a shoot would normally be a director to oversee proceedings, a cameraman to record the vision and a sound man to record the sound.



The edit is where the footage that has been shot on location is reviewed and the best bits are put together in the correct order to tell the story.  Graphics and CGI are added at this stage.



The Dub occurs once the pictures have been cut together and is the process of finessing the sound.  Music and voiceover are added at this stage.



This stands for Comupter Generated Images and is a generic term that covers graphics created by computer.  3D graphics can often be the most effective way of illustrating complex ideas in a visually coherent way.



A name given to a 500 watt light most commonly used on shoots.  The name derives from the simple fact that metal used on the head of the light is painted red in colour.



The slang name given to the tripod on which the camera rests.



Short for Digital Betacam, this has been the industry standard tape format for delivery of broadcast programmes for the last twenty years.  It superseded the older standard wich was Betacam SP.



High Definition is the term used to describe the next generation of programme production.  Standard video in the UK has 525 lines of information, and HD has, as a rough rule of thumb, twice this amount.

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